Once I Fell in Love

In this hot desert heat
you were a cool breeze

gone in a moment just as you came
left me behind to wonder if you will ever return

to mess up my hair
to touch my thirsty lips softly

you were a sweet dream
vanished with the stars in the morning

leaving me to wake up in the blinding sunlight
to look for a shade where there are no trees

you were a beautiful song
which I cannot hear anymore in this noise

I tried dancing to you
but there was no floor

a wish which cannot be fulfilled, a desire which will never die
my hope was in vain but I held on to it.

you were a magic happened in a blink of an eye
just as a shooting star disappears in the night sky

you were a poem written with an ink
on paper left in the rain, washed away before I could read.

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