Photographing Baby & X100F

Disclaimer, I love Fuji X100F (affiliate link) for all the wrong reasons. I like x100f because it is beautiful, it got that classic retro look. I like it is because of manual knobs for almost every setting. Tactile feeling is just amazing in this touchscreen world. It is very nostalgic experience using x100f. Then of course, it is excellent camera.

So how does it fare as a camera for newborn? A lot better than expected. It has one killer feature that makes it perfect camera for a sleeping baby. Leaf Shutter! With leaf shutter it is as silent as it gets. I can dial down flash and take photos of our son while he is sleeping without waking him up. Well flash is always annoying but need fill in the shadows.

The other thing you will read about this camera is the it got slow autofocus. In my experience, it is fast enough for baby photos. I do get out of focus photos but I get a lot of very sharp photos too.

March 26th, 2018, Ayden turns 3 months old Mash’Allah.

My biggest issue with this camera is that I cannot record videos without going in Drive menu.

Now I don’t recommend this camera to anyone. If you are a new parent and looking for a camera, then probably Sony’s mirrorless cameras like a6500 (affiliate link) or RX100v (affiliate link) are the best options.

But if you have x100f and wondering if it would be good enough for baby photography, then no need to buy a new camera. X100F will work great!

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