Ayden at 1 month

Backing Up Baby Photos & Videos

I always been paranoid about backups but at same time I am cheap. So here is how I am backing up my photos and videos currently.

Primary backup: NAS Drive

I use Western Digital NAS drive (Affiliate link) for Time Machine backup. This should be fastest way to restore photos and videos. By default, Time Machine doesn’t backup removable drives, but you can change that if you store data on an external drive.

Also when I import photos using Lightroom 6, I have it make second copy on this NAS Drive.


Offsite Backup: SmugMug

I have been using SmugMug for various reasons for a long time. They give you unlimited storage space for both photos and videos. I have a private folders where I backup everything. I create a lot of Smart folders like Photos of specific person, by year etc. Using Lightroom, I can backup everything in one click.

The bad part is that SmugMug is hard to use for backing up unedited photos. Also you cannot upload RAW photos to SmugMug.

Option 2: Amazon Prime Photos

If you are Amazon Prime member, you get unlimited photos backup (Affiliate link). This way I can store original unedited photos. But unfortunately, this does not include videos. Another negative by default your photos very exposed in your household. For example, if you use Fire Stick, anyone can view your photos using Photos app on it.

Amazon Drive app is pretty good and it is free for Prime members, so I use it to backup Photos.

Option 3: Google Drive

Since Amazon Prime Photos cannot be used for videos backup and I am not sure if SmugMug is worth it for me, I need a way for offsite backup for videos. If you let Google reduce quality of your videos, you will get unlimited storage space for free.

Also Google makes it really easy to share your photos and videos with your friends and family.

The big con is privacy issues. Who knows how much Google use these photos for learning more about you.

Finally Print

Lastly, I am printing a lot more photos now. Just in case solar flares destroy all electronics, at least, paper prints will still work. Also photos are so much better on paper, and more fun to share with grandparents.

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