Can you spoil a baby?

There is a lot of research which says that says you cannot spoil a baby. Some says you cannot spoil a baby under 6 months others says under 1 year. Here is WebMD article, “Why You Can’t Spoil a Baby.” But I am starting to doubt it.

When my paternity leave started, I was excited and playing with Ayden all of his waking moments. It was a lot of fun. Now 6 weeks later, when he is awake, he wants constant attention. I cannot even leave him for 10 minutes to take a shower. He will start crying if alone for a few minutes. This gets very tiring when you are doing chores around the house.

Now I am trying to teach him how to entertain himself. He gets mesmerized with TV but we don’t want him to watch TV yet. He got tons of toys but he cannot really play with them yet.

But yes I think you can spoil a baby.

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