They grow so fast. No really, they grow up really fast.

They grow up really fast. When they says fast, they don’t tell you how fast.

Ayden is almost 5 months. He is still tiny but he is almost double his birth weight. That makes a huge difference. I am so happy to see him growing bigger, mash’Allah. But at the same time I really really miss when he was newborn. He was so small and delicate. I wish I had taken more photos of him when he was smaller and trust me I did a lot.

Speaking of photos, put away your fancy camera and take out your cellphone. I took a lot of photos but usually those photos were at same time. I wish I took photos throughout the day. There are so many of his earlier expressions that he does not do anymore. I miss those.

Oh even better make videos. I hate videos cause they take so much space and it is very rare for me to re-watch videos. But I wish I had more of his videos.

And then when you have so much data, make sure you have a good backup system in place.

But back to Ayden, he is growing up so fast and there is not enough time to play with him.

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