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How Peppa Pig became a video nightmare for children | The Guardian

Remember nothing is free. If you let your kids watch YouTube unrestricted they will come across disturbing content. Pay for Netflix or maybe we need to start a new service which will have humans curate content on YouTube and of course charge for it.


in March, Wired catalogued a slew of violent accounts and demonstrated that it was possible to go from a popular children’s alphabet video to a Minnie Mouse snuff film in 14 steps, just by following YouTube’s own recommendations. As of last week, Googling the title of one of the now-removed videos mentioned in the New York Times article (“PAW Patrol Babies Pretend to Die Suicide by Annabelle Hypnotized”) results in a link to a near-identical video still hosted on the site (“PAW PATROL Babies Pretend To Die MONSTER HANDS From MIRROR! Paw Patrol Animation Pups Save For Kids”), in which the adorable pups don a freakish clip-art monster mask to terrify one another before being lured off a rooftop by a haunted doll. Is “Save For Kids” supposed to read “Safe For Kids”?

Source: How Peppa Pig became a video nightmare for children | Technology | The Guardian


Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash

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