Tools of Trade

I use 13-inch MacBookPro for personal projects and 15-inch for work. My personal MBP would be last traditional laptop, hopefully. Since most of my work can easily be done on Linux VPS. I have been using 10.5-inch iPad Pro with Blink shell for most my side projects. I like the form factor of iPad Pro and I am getting better at Linux administration. Now I am also setting up Docker images so I can bring up new images as needed.

Though I might still need personal computer mostly for photos and videos but I might as well buy a desktop next time. I can build a powerful video editing station for fraction half or less than what a decent MacBookPro would cost.

MacOS Tools

This makes installing various software dev tools super easy.

VS Code

I was a big fan of Sublime Text and PHPstorm but VS Code finally won me over. PHPStorm is still better for PHP work but VS Code lighter and faster to open, so I end up opening it more often than PHPStorm.


I am getting into DevOps and spinning up new VPSs as needed, Docker is pretty much default choice for this.


This is my favorite writing software. I am using this for writing and pretty much all my blog posts.

iOS Tools

This is the best terminal software I have used. It is free and Open Source too. This is all you need to use iPad for development of most web apps and machine learning.


iOS version on iPad Pro is perfect. A lot of my blog posts are written in Starbuck on iPad.


It is a git client. In theory, I didn’t need it when you got shell access to a Linux machine. But vim is great for writing code but not so much when writing blogs.

So I use WorkingCopy to clone my blog on iPad, add new posts with iaWriter, and then again use WorkingCopy to commit and push my posts. I use Netlify for hosting this blog, so as soon as I push new posts, Netlify will publish it here.

Linux Tools

I have been using Ubuntu as my main flavor of Linux. The list of tools that I use on Linux is long but here are some:

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