iPad Pro as main machine after 2 years

I got my iPad Pro at the end of 2017. Before buying it, I had read many blog posts by various developers who were using iPad for programming and web development. But soon after I bought it, I realized that serious web development on iPad is hard. The biggest issue was debugging JavaScript and CSS without web tools.
At first, I was having buyer’s remorse but I loved the form factor of iPad and loved drawing on it. I am used to reading on Kindle and iPad was just too heavy for long reading sessions but it was very decent reading device for quick reading sessions. So I kept it.

Initially, iPad was fun device for infotainment. But slowly I started to become more productive on it. I stopped doing web or app development. Instead, switched to command-line based projects such as algorithmic trading or data science experiments. It was sort of subconscious change as I carry iPad around a lot more than my laptop and when I had iPad with me, I didn’t wanna build anything with UI.

Currently, I cannot get rid of my personal laptop completely because I use it for some dev projects, I was learning Flutter and been playing with Godot. I tried to setup Flutter on my VPS but I could never get it to work right. Also laptop is needed for various trading softwares like Wealth Lab Pro or Think or Swim. Wealth Lab Pro is what got me into algorithmic trading but unfortunately it is Windows only. However, I am using RDP to log into Windows machine from my iPad. It is not a smooth experience but doable.

Currently, I use following apps on iPad Pro:

Also I tend to avoid installing most apps and use websites, like Reddit or Facebook. I rather login to website instead of an app on my machine that is constantly monitoring and sending data to mothership.

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