Oculus Quest 2 Review

I was debating between PS5 and Quest 2 (Affiliate link), and yes it is like comparing apples and oranges, but in the end Quest 2 won. I will likely buy PS5 at some point though. But before I buy PS5, I need a new TV with 4K and HDR. It seems pointless to play PS5 on 1080p TV from early 2010s.

Quest 2 is not my first experience with Virtual Reality. I tried PSVR about 2-3 years ago but the mess of wires really turned me off with the idea of VR. When I found out that Quest 2 is completely wireless, I got interested in it again. I was not very excited about needing Facebook account to use it though.

This review is from the perspective of someone who gets easily motion sick.

Luckily, the games with no forward motion does not cause any nausea; games like Beat Saber, Thrill of Fight are perfect for me. These games are rated as Comfortable in their Comfort ratings.

I tried a few games in which there was a walking motion, and those games made me almost throw up.

One of technical complaint I had read was that Field of View is narrow on Quest 2. If you look for it, yes it is really narrow. But when I am in the middle of game, I hardly notice it. It is very immersive experience and narrowness of FOV is not really a concern.

As for workout, the two games I bought, Thrill of Fight and Until You Fall, are probably providing enough cardio. My heart rate goes pretty high. But as I sweat, it fogs inside. I wear glasses and I think it mostly my glasses getting fogged. I ordered VirtuClear prescription lenses, and will see if they perform any better.

A lot of people complain about standard straps but I haven’t had any issues.

VR videos tend to make me motion sick, especially if there is any camera movements. Videos with stationary point of view are okay. I wish videos had similar Comfort level ratings and you can filter them. Really hate it when a video starts out good but then there is sudden camera pan that makes me want to throw up. VR certainly will change how movies are directed in the future.

There are also interactive game like video experiences. These are interesting and tend to have no camera movements. Notes on Blindness is pretty good.

There are a lot of videos and apps for facing your fears like height and insects. Some of them have cartoon-like graphics but still trigger fear response like trying to cross bridge in one of Quills animations.

Another thing I love about Quest/VR is just chilling in relaxing environments. Like I literally sit, enjoy scenery, and do nothing. Immersion is great if you are not pixel peeping as they say in photography world.

Overall, I think Quest 2 is great, and VR has come long ways in last 2 years. It does provide immersion and should only get better.

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