Stars & Moon

This poem was written by my favorite poet Allama Iqbal. I translated it for my English class during my freshman year.

“The view up here is the same as ever.

We are tired of shining and shining.

Our work is to walk, day and night.

Walk and walk and walk forever.

Everything in this universe is anxious.

Peace, whatever it is, does not exist.

Everything is being tortured by time.

Stars, man, trees, rocks, Everything.

Will this journey ever end?

Will we ever see our destination?”

“My friends,” replied the moon,

“O travelers in the field of the night.

Life happens because of the movement.

This is the old culture of this universe.

Time’s horse flies.

Because it is hit by the lash of desires.

On this path, it is not possible to stop.

Because death is hidden within rest.

Those who strove have left us behind.

And those who slept are crushed.

The end of this journey is true beauty.

It begins with true love and ends with true beauty.”

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