Blue Bus and Yummy Apples

One day, Blue Bus wanted to eat yummy yummy apples. He looked in the fridge but there were no of apples. He went to Target to buy apples. But Target was out of apples too.
Then Blue Bus went to Red Bus but Red Bus was out of apples too. She had just eaten the last apple
Blue Bus then went to Green Bus’s home. Green Bus was out of apples too.
Blue Bus then went to Yellow Bus. Yellow Bus had just got back home from his work. Blue Bus asked if he had any apples but Yellow Bus was out of apples too. But Yellow Bus had just dropped Ayden at his home and Ayden had a big bag of apples.
Blue Bus finally went to Ayden’s home. He asked if Ayden had any apples. Ayden said, “yes I do, right here in my pockets”. Then Ayden gave one apple to Blue Bus. Then all the buses came, Ayden shared his apples with everyone and they all ate apples together.

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