Hunt, Gather, Parent

Just reading this book. It is really good and thought provoking.

It basically shows how children of indigenous people are so much more mature than children in the west and from my experience, also the east.

The reasons might boil down to respecting children, parenting by compassion instead of rules and discipline.

One thing I would have liked to see was some long term studies. Are these children growing up to be happy adults? Healthy? Financially secure?

But still a good book.

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Parenting Hack: What would your child do as a parent

It’s often challenging for a young child to articulate what they truly desire. Their whims may range from implausible wishes like going on vacation right after school to mere indifference with a shrug and an “I don’t know.”

Instead of directly questioning what they want to do, engage them in a different way. Ask them to envision what they would do after school, on weekends, or for vacations when they are older and have their own children. Alternatively, engage in pretend play with them.

This approach may yield answers that are more insightful and realistic than directly asking what they wish to do.