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Last year, I moved my blog to Github pages. The main reason was that it was programmer centric way of blogging. I could write blog posts using Markdown in SublimeText, my natural habitat. To publish a post, I simply commit and push. And it would be fun to see git log history. I could edit old posts and not only me but everyone can see how it changed overtime. And most of all it was elegantly simple.

But there were some cons. I could not auto-post to social accounts without signing up for another service. If I wanted comments,  I would have to sign up on another different service. That would be no longer elegantly simple.

Then a few months ago, Github disabled a few Markdown plugins which meant I had to update a few posts. Not a big deal but I didn’t want to deal with it again.

So after some contemplation, I decided to move back to WordPress. My biggest concern with WordPress is security issues but most of these issues come from insecure plugins or themes. As long as, I am mindful of which plugins or themes to install, it should not be a big issue.

SublimeText is awesome but WordPress’s editor is also nice. It is pleasure to be using it right now. It generating pretty clean HTML too.

I liked the automatic backup when using git to publish a site but my hosting provides automatic backups and then I have scheduled job to do my own backups. So using Github pages just for backup purposes was not that important.

Then of course, WordPress provides easy ways to post to various social sites, manage comments, categorize posts, and, search capabilities, etc.

The big advantage of WordPress is that I can now just focus on writing blog posts instead of looking for ways to add features to Github pages.

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