Hello World, again!

As a child, I fell in love with video games and wanted to make my own video games. This is the main reason why I got into programming.

While in college I made a few games/demos using DirectX and random tutorials. In 2002, I registered chaosplay.com as a name for my future game dev studio. Then I applied to many game studios but never heard back from them. Then life got in the way, I got regular programming and web dev jobs. Then I got startup bug and worked on various side-projects which were not as exciting as game dev but had better chances of success. After various failure of programming side-projects, I decided I should have non-programming side-project/hustle. So I worked as parttime photogrpaher and got my real estate license.

Now almost 20 years later since first I made games using tutorials, I am again learning game programming.

Over last few weeks, I did research on various game engines, the final two choices were Unreal Engine and Swift/SpriteKit. I was leaning towards Unreal Engine because I miss C++ and it is cross-platform. But decided that initially I should stay with Swift and Apple’s ecosystem. I need to learn basics of game development first before I get involved in cross platform development.

Then games I want make initally are simple, more like interactive art than a video game. So for now Swift and SpriteKit should be good enough.

I will also stream my late night development sessions on Twitch.tv. I will need to figure out non-programming related game development tasks too like music, models, art work, etc. This is so new and ginourmous for me. Luckily, there are many successful indie game developers to learn from. Some of my favorites are Amir Rajan