Bye Bye D750

Last year, I bought Nikon D750. I bought it because it was perfect for low light photography. It was big. I figured, since it is scary looking big camera, I can get some client work, do 10-20 photo shoots and camera would recover its own cost.

But in one year, I had only a few photo shoots, and only for friends for free. And a few times, potential¬†customers contacted me, I really didn’t wanted to do photoshoots. Perhaps I got scared, perhaps it was laziness.

But you know, you don’t need to recover cost of everything. I can keep the camera for personal use. A lot of people use professional level cameras for family photos.

But then I compared number of personal photos taken on D750 vs Sony Nex-3N during same time period; it was obvious that I was using my smaller camera a lot more. Even when I try to make concise effort to use D750, a lot of time I would change my mind at last minute.

Last, I am minimalist. Having a really powerful camera that doesn’t get to be used as it should be, makes me feel guilty. It is like having a dog that you never take out for walks.

So I sold it last week. I miss it. Good news is that D750 is being used by a wedding photographer and my favorite lens, Nikon 24-70MM f/2.8 is used for concert photography by a Dallas Observer photographer. The way they were supposed to be used.

I have been trying to like my Sony Nex-3N again but it sucks. I will probably buy A6300 or A6000 as those are same size as Nex-3N but better low light performance.



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