There is no such thing as passive income?

It is amazing how fast time goes by. It is almost half year has passed since I decided to work on passive income this year.

To be honest, I have not put in enough effort in getting passive/semi-passive income businesses off-ground. I rarely put in more than 2-3 hours per week on several of these projects. Let me list all of the things that I have worked on this year:

  1. Selling stuff on Amazon FBA – I started off with sending used items that I already owned. Most of things got sold within first few weeks but rest are slow moving. The hard part is to find more things to send to Amazon that can be sold for profit. It was also labor intensive work to pack and ship inventory. My brother is still working on this, I will help him when I can but I think I am completely done with this.
  2. T-Shirt on Merch by Amazon – My t-shirt designs are not that great, so far I have sold maybe 5 shirts. Also it may appear that this is passive income but from what I am reading, you need to advertise your shirts to really sell any. I have started to advertise on Pinterest. Let’s see how it goes. This doesn’t take much time, so I can continue working on this.
  3. Apps – I am still learning to make Apps in Android but this seems like the most legit way to generate passive income. I have several ideas for Android apps, that’s what I will focus on. My goal is to release my first app, IBS Food Tracker in next 3 months. This app will be useful for me too, as apparently I have IBS. I was looking for a simple IBS Food tracking app but none were that good. Right now, I am taking this course on Android dev.

There is another good reason to focus on Android apps, even if I never finish my apps, at least, I will learn a new skill that can help me get a job if nothing else.


Meditation Timer App

I have made several Android apps but never really finished them. Recently, I have been playing with Phonegap/Cordova. These tools let you write your app in html and javascript, and then compile for different platforms such as Android or iOS.

Also lately I have been trying to meditate everyday but it is hard to find time for it. Of course, you don’t need anything for meditation but a timer is nice. At first, I was using an hourglass, my goal with timer is to meditate at least long enough for timer to go off. Problem with hourglass was I would keep opening my eye to see if I meditate enough or not.

So I looked for meditation apps, and there are thousands of them. Many very polished but too complex. You need to tap several times before timer starts. Then there were others which seemed simple but asked too many permissions or showed ads.

So I build a simple timer app using Cordova. It has no settings, as soon as you open app timer starts. When timer reaches 0, it vibrates for half a second. Now you can either continue to meditate or stop your meditation. Another feature I wanted was to slowly increase timer until it reaches 15 minutes. This is exactly what my app does.

At first, I was using it for myself but I decided to polish it a little and release it on Google Play. It is embarrassingly simple, and I doubt anyone else really needs an app like this. But if you do, then here you go: