Fuji x100t Test Shots

I was missing my D750 which I sold a few months earlier. I loved that camera but it was so big that I rarely used it. I don’t like to keep things that I don’t use regularly. After some research and soul-searching, I decided that it was time for another camera.

This time I wasn’t looking for the best image quality. Now my focus was camera handling, size, cost. And I love retro/vintage look too. After reading far too many reviews, I went with the best looking camera, Fuji x100t (Affiliate link). Yes, there is next version of x100 series is on the way. But I bought my camera used and I plan on selling my x100t and get x100f without losing too much money.

And Sony A7 series (Affiliate link) might have been better in functionality and image quality. But it would be very expensive and it doesn’t look as good as Fuji.

So here are some test shots from Fuji x100t. Remember at this time I was still playing with the camera and made a lot of mistakes like leaving ND filter on indoors.

One thought on “Fuji x100t Test Shots

  1. Beautiful photos and a great camera. I still have x100s, waiting for x100f but if I didn’t had x100s, I would have bought x100t in a heartbeat.

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