Laptop Trial #3: MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

In last two months, I have tried 2 different laptops, and now I am on my third laptop, 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

The first laptop was Surface Pro 4. I really loved it. It was perfect balance of power, size, and cost. I loved writing on it with stylus. But its biggest flaw for me was flimsy keyboard and its lack of “lap-bility”. (My Surface Pro 4 Review).

Next I decided that maybe mobility was not that important to me. I decided to go for max performance and ordered Dell Inspiron i7559 (Affiliate link). It is a gaming laptop with i7 and powerful GPU. Rendering movies on it was a pleasure, small 5 minute clips rendered in less than a minute. But it was too big. It also felt cheap and uninspiring. I ended up returning it too.

Finally, I decided to give 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar a try. I spent a lot of time comparing Touch Bar version with Non-Touch Bar version. The performance difference between two versions is less than 5% according to Geekbench scores (reference: the Wirecutter). But the price difference between two versions is $300. That seems like too much money for Touch Bar and two extra USB-C ports.

But I played with Touch Bar in Apple store.  While gimmicky, it seemed useful in many applications. As a user of Lightroom and Photoshop, I can see how this can be very helpful. In Photos app, it shows photos, you can scroll and select photos from there. I just wanted to try it.

Then MacBook Pro with Touch bar uses faster RAM and slightly better GPU. I believe Geekbench tests memory but not GPU. So actual performance might be even better.


UPDATE: However, I missed functions keys more than I though I would. So I exchange this MBP for one without Touch Bar.  New blog post:

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