My Photography Workflow 2016

Last year, I was using Smugmug. But then I decided against it and share my photos more causally like on Flickr and Facebook.

Also I have simplified my workflow a lot.

Folder Structure

I am using simple YEAR/DATE structure. With so many photos, it is incredibly hard to categorize them.

Import & Delete

Right after import, I delete bad photos. Sometimes, that is as much as 75% of imported batch.

Edit & Delete

In next round, I perform basic edits, mostly correcting white balance and adjusting colors. In this round, I also create panaromas, merge photos to clean up scenes, or create HDRs, if any. And then I delete any bad photos that I missed during my first round. I also delete all but one copy of similar photos.

Share on Flickr

If there are any images that I want to share, I create a new album through Lightroom on Flickr. Add photos that I want to share to the new album. Also add keywords and descriptions. Then I simply press Publish.

One thing I like about using Lightroom with Flickr is that if I ever notice an issue with a photo, I can edit it in Lightroom and simply republish it.

Share on Facebook

Lightroom can publish to Facebook initially but cannot update photos once published. So you have to delete the photos on Facebook and then re-upload from Lightroom.

So after upload is done, I simply delete the newly created album from Lightroom. This way list of albums under Facebook in Lightroom catalog remains small.

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