New Year, New Goals

This year my resolution is to write everyday. Mostly write blog posts. I don’t have to publish every blog post. Main purpose of writing is to get better at it.


Right now, I have three blogs;,, and In past, was my only blog. It was easier to manage but for a reader it was random collections of thoughts. At that time it was fine, because is simply a personal blog.

But I am getting serious about blogging. My goal is to write regularly and decent enough that I have regular subscribers to my blogs. So each blog is going to be a bit specialized.

This will focus on technology, photography, videography, and passive income. I want to create some passive/semi-passive income streams. I plan to chronicle my experiments here. Right now, I am looking at FBA or something similar.

Here I want to feature Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, and other Desis who created businesses or arts. I was inspired by Mixergy to create this blog. I also hope to feel inspired by

I love reading and discussing religion and philosophy. Here I plan to focus on just that.



I have also received a few emails about setting up simple websites. Instead of doing work myself, I plan to outsource the work and just simply manage project. I will probably blog about this on too.



I am hooked on gym classes lately. So far I have been to only BodyPump classes and they are really good workout. It is cardio with weights. I plan to try out more classes at my gym. My goal is to attend at least 3 classes every week.

One reason why I like classes is that I seem to work out harder in the classes. I have been going to gym regularly for a while but don’t really push myself that much.


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