Time to plant

Yesterday, I ordered some tissue culture and planting supplies.

Indoors plants market is huge. There is a lot to learn. There are new terms, new communities to join. But it is pretty exciting.

The main reasons I decided to explore this space is because:

  1. It is slower paced. Cannot pull all-nighter to make plants grow faster.
  2. My kids should enjoy it. And I can get them involved.
  3. There are interesting methods to master like creating perfect environment for optimal growth, growing exotic plants, etc.
  4. It can be scaled to more commercial operations, renting a greenhouse or something similar.
  5. Plants are good for the planet.
  6. If it fails, I will have plants for our home.


Follow up to my last post, the people I admire the most are usually startup founders or business people. And then creators of open source softwares.

This weekend, I also met my engineer turned entrepreneur friend and saw Jobs movie. It seems I know what I should do.

I want a business that gives a lot of freedom, especially freedom to be with my kids. If I can involve kids in the business, it would be even better. Would love low stress business but it is not a requirement.

A few of businesses that I considered but not ideal are:

  1. REALTOR – Love meeting new people, driving and exploring but it takes too much time away from kids. Maybe when they are older.
  2. Photography – Love it as a hobby but again too much time away from kids. Scalability might be an issue.

This brings me to what I am considering right now:

  1. Software startup – Of course, this is what I do all day. A SaaS maybe the easiest option for me. Or I could look into gamedev. Harder but something different from the day-job and my kids may find it interesting. The biggest con is that I have done this before and whenever I put in 10+ hours programming each day, I would get burned out. Also hard to get kids involved.
  2. Sell stuff online – I have considered e-commerce many times. There are many things that are fun to sell. Unique toys and gadgets, plants, robotic kits, etc. My kids can not only enjoy but maybe even help with some aspects. This maybe scalable too.

My friend really inspired me to think deeply about e-commerce.