Yellow Bus and Red Car

Once upon a time there was a Yellow bus. Yellow bus was very fast, but there was a Red car which was faster. One day, Red car challenged yellow bus for a race. They decided to race from Dallas to Houston. It was the longest race ever. All the cars gathered around the highway. Referee said 1, 2, 3, Go! Yellow bus goes zoom zoom. But red car goes zoom zoom zooooom. And Red car was faster and it was winning. After a while Red car looked in its rearview mirror and didn’t see Yellow bus at all. Red car’s engine was overheating, and it was running low on gas. Up ahead was a gas station. Red car decided to pull into gas station to refill gas and and cool down the engine in a shade. While resting in the shade, it fell asleep. Yellow bus, however, didn’t stop. It kept going and going until it crossed the finish line. Red car woke up and realized, it slept for too long. It raced to finish line but Yellow bus had already won the race. Red car was surprised and asked how did you not take a break, Yellow bus said by going fast but not too fast. They laughed and then went to eat ice cream. Moral of story, go fast but not too fast.

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