Fake Plastic Plants

To me fake plastic plants means that one is too lazy to take care of real plants but they want to pretend to be someone who they are not.

Nothing wrong with not wanting to take care of real plants. But why not decorate your place in a way that reflects who you are.

How to find the other end of deck drains?

In our backyard lay a series of deck drains that perennially harbored standing water. Despite my best efforts, tracing the end of these drains proved to be an elusive task, seemingly due to the fact that it was compacted and buried beneath layers of earth.

I even ventured to employ a drain snake to address the issue, but the screws securing the drain covers were victims of rust, rendering them immovable.

Eventually, I noticed that one particular section near the periphery of our property boasted significantly lusher and denser grass. Upon closer inspection, I found the soil in this area to be moist. Spurred by this discovery, I began to dig around and, to my surprise, uncovered the elusive end of the deck drains. There was a flap that had been obstructed. Clearing the debris from the top of it led to an immediate release, and the deck drains finally emptied their standing water.

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies in no particular order:

  1. Matrix
  2. Automata
  3. Lion King
  4. the Pursuit of Happyness
  5. The Social Network
  6. Jobs
  7. Scent of Woman
  8. John Wick
  9. Wild
  10. Hangover
  11. Apollo 10 1/2
  12. tick, tick, BOOM!
  13. taare zameen par
  14. The Founder
  15. My Octopus Teacher
  16. Hachi

Script inherits from native type ‘RigidBody2D’, so it can’t be assigned to an object of type: ‘Node2D’

Getting this error while following this tutorial in Godot v4.0.1.

In my case, I had added Node2D. The fix was to right click on the problem node under scene and click Make Scene Root. And then delete Node2D.

Here is what diff looked like:

diff --git a/2d-game-tutorial/Mob.tscn b/2d-game-tutorial/Mob.tscn
index 9eb1630..e720d7f 100644
--- a/2d-game-tutorial/Mob.tscn
+++ b/2d-game-tutorial/Mob.tscn
@@ -48,20 +48,18 @@ animations = [{
 radius = 36.0
 height = 100.0

-[node name="Mob" type="Node2D"]
-script = ExtResource("1_73gb4")
-[node name="RigidBody2D" type="RigidBody2D" parent="."]
+[node name="RigidBody2D" type="RigidBody2D"]
 collision_mask = 0
 gravity_scale = 2.66454e-15
+script = ExtResource("1_73gb4")

-[node name="AnimatedSprite2D" type="AnimatedSprite2D" parent="RigidBody2D"]
+[node name="AnimatedSprite2D" type="AnimatedSprite2D" parent="."]
 scale = Vector2(0.75, 0.75)
 sprite_frames = SubResource("SpriteFrames_c1yjy")
 animation = &"walk"

-[node name="CollisionShape2D" type="CollisionShape2D" parent="RigidBody2D"]
+[node name="CollisionShape2D" type="CollisionShape2D" parent="."]
 rotation = 1.5708
 shape = SubResource("CapsuleShape2D_h1pjc")

-[node name="VisibleOnScreenNotifier2D" type="VisibleOnScreenNotifier2D" parent="RigidBody2D"]
+[node name="VisibleOnScreenNotifier2D" type="VisibleOnScreenNotifier2D" parent="."]

The Role of Diet on the Gut Microbiome, Mood and Happiness – PubMed

The gut microbiome may be both helpful and harmful, and not only is it affected by diet, it has also been shown to affect mental health including personality, mood, anxiety and depression. In this clinical study we assessed dietary nutrient composition, mood, happiness, and the gut microbiome in ord …
— Read on pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36993403/

Throwback: Skydiving in DFW

This was in 2011. More than 12 years ago. Still one of my favorite memory.