Ayden & Simba go to the Moon

Ayden and Simba were playing when they saw the moon. Ayden wanted to go to moon but didn’t know how. Then Simba remembered their friend Rocky the Red Rocket can take them to the moon. They went to Rocky’s house but he was not there. Simba said let me find him because he can find anyone by sniffing their smells. Simba sniffed and sniffed and found Rocky swimming in the pool. Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Ayden and he had a little dog called Simba. One day Aydne said to Simba, he lute’s go to moon. Since said that is an excellent idea. So Ayden and Simba went to their friend, Rock the red rocket’s house. They knocked on the door but no one answered. Simba sniffed and sniff and found Rocky at the pool. “Hey Rocky, how are you?’ asked Ayden. “I am good fellas, what are you guys up to” replied Rocky “We really really want to go to the moon, when you go to moon next time, can you please take us with you?” Ayden asked politely. Rocky said, oh guess what, I am going to moon right now. Let’s go now, if you can.” Simba nd Ayden got excited and they jumped in the Rocky. 3, 2, 1, Blast off!!! Rocky went into space and then landed on the moon. Moon was so beautiful, Ayden and Simba got out and started to play on the moon. It was very bouncy and it was red. And it smelled like a cheese. So Simba licked the moon’s surface and said moon tastes like cheese too. Ayden took a small bite of moon and guess what, moon is indeed made out of cheese. Simba and Ayden ate a lot of moon. They got so full. Rocky called them and said it is time to go back home. Rocky took them back home and Ayden and Simba thanked Rocky. And then took a nice big nap!

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