Web 3.0, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse

I don’t really have much understanding of these terms in the headline. I mostly associate NFT with scams, metaverse with Second Life in VR. But recently I have been thinking about all the times I lost big opportunities because I didn’t understand innovations.

Back in late 2000s, I had a friend who was talking about Bitcoin and how it will change everything. I think he even send me some. But I didn’t understand it and didn’t really wanted to learn it. Of course, in 2018, I was searching my emails and texts trying to find those bitcoins.

When first smart phones came, my friends started making apps for them for fun, and some of them end up getting nice new jobs. I stuck with the web, which also was not a bad decision but I had never imagined mobile apps would ever be anything serious.

Then I am big believer in passive index funds and I just invest in SPY. I had friends who told me to invest in Google, Facebook, Tesla, but I didn’t think we mere mortals can be smarter than Warren Buffet. Of course, returns from index funds are nowhere near what one could have earned by investing in individual companies. If you think it is hard, check out another successful fund manager, Peter Lynch. He believes regular people can successfully research companies and invest in a few individual companies to beat index funds.

So now I am learning about Web 3.0, DeFi, and Metaverse. My first half of career, I focused on safe and proven technologies. I think it is about time I start exploring emerging technologies. Exploration was what that got me first into programming.

This may not pay off but it is actually exciting.

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