LeetCode 844. Backspace String Compare

Here is my solution Backspace String Compare problem. Results: Runtime: 80 ms, faster than 73.76% of JavaScript online submissions for Backspace String Compare. Memory Usage: 39.3 MB, less than 33.63% of JavaScript online submissions for Backspace String Compare.

Troubleshooting Kubernetes Ingress

Setting up Ingress is an easy process but when it doesn’t work it gets really painful. First, make sure you have Ingress Controller setup correctly. This is in addition to Ingress resource and should be automatically setup by your cloud provider. When I was trying to setup a Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud, I ran… Continue reading Troubleshooting Kubernetes Ingress

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HackerRank: New Year Chaos

Here is my solution to New Years Chaos problem from HackerRank. The first solution had a bug: Second solution had O(n^2) complexity: At this point, I looked up in comments and found an optimal solution:

LeetCode 200: Number of Islands

I had to watch some YouTube videos for the solution to this problem. I am not sure if this is the best solution though, one day I will revisit it.


Feeling so empty, and hollow inside, Cannot believe I am writing a poem to a cigarette, but I feel so unsatisfied, unfulfilled, like this poem, half-finished.

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