You Are Not Paid to Write Code

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“Taco Bell Programming” is the idea that we can solve many of the problems we face as software engineers with clever reconfigurations of the same basic Unix tools. The name comes from t…

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This is something I have always argued with my fellow programmers too. Most of regular business problems can be solved by off the shelf products. But most of the programmers I know, prefer to write every solution from scratch. It is almost considered dirty to touch someone else’s software.


The War of Art

The War of Art

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. It shows up on Hacker’s News and other entrepreneurs’ forums regularly as a recommended reading. Steven Pressfield is a novelist but this book is popular reading for anyone who is pursuing a goal.

The author’s main point is that the most important and the hardest thing is doing. Weather that be sitting down at desk to write a novel or software. Once you are at your desk, or at your office, the hard part is done. This can apply to anything; fitness, painting, photography, etc.

Things that make you the most nervous about doing; are probably the most important things. If these were not important to you, then you would not feel resistance when attempting these things.

One last piece of advice that I really liked was from Bhagwagita. It says that one has no right to their fruit of labor, only their labor. Basically, one should work hard without any expectations of reward. If they are lucky, their work will bring them all kind of rewards such money, fame, respect. But if they don’t get anything in return for their work, then so be it. They should do work for work’s sake and nothing else.



Working Remotely


As a developer, I am lucky that I get to work from home as needed. But I have never been 100% remote; Lately, I have been reading a lot about working remotely, remote first companies, Digital Nomad lifestyle etc. This is compilation of various resources that I have found useful so far:

The Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely – I haven’t gone through whole guide yet but so far it has been very informative.

Remote Job Search Boards

The Remote Freelancer – A massive list of remote jobs search boards. Hosted on GitHub.

Some of more popular remote job boards are:

And then a list of Remote Friendly Companies and another massive list of Resources for Remote Jobs and Digital Nomads on GitHub.

Freelancing Rates – These are based on locations in the US, Canada, England, and Austerlia. Though these probably don’t reflect remote only rates.