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I switched from WordPress to Jekyll/Github pages. I was really happy with WordPress and highly recommend it.

But as a programmer, Github & Markdown is closer to my daily workflow. And some of the features in WordPress are a bit too much for a personal blog. I needed something simple that is mostly focused on writing. My text editor with git seems like the simplest possible solution.

Giorgio Armani: The Man, the Brand, the Empire

Your forties are the moment when you start to become aware. It's just the beginning. I've always believed that to confirm your way of thinking takes time. It takes experimenting. You have to confront different chapters of your life. Maybe I could reproach myself for not thinking enough about the people I had around me. My family. Loves. Memories. I was always here [points to his head], in my work. I guess I didn't think life was so short.

Source: Giorgio Armani: The Man, the Brand, the Empire


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Once a Photographer

A few years ago, I had sold all my camera gear. Got a small mirrorless camera instead. I called my photography days over. I did all that mostly to simplify my life and focus on programming and work. But I miss photography. Now I want a new camera.

A New Camera

So now I am looking for a new camera. Now I would really like a full frame camera but I am open to crop cameras too. What I really care about is:

  • A good indoor performance
  • A good fast zoom lens with a range of ~24mm-100mm
  • Inexpensive

I have narrowed down my options but still a lot of research to be done. I listing my options here and I will update this as I do more research.

Sony Alpha a6000

This is the smallest and cheapest camera. It is highly rated. Probably the best mirrorless camera right now.


Camera (body only): $550

Sony 18-105mm F4: $600

Sony 16-70mm F4: $1000

Total estimate cost: $1150 - $1550 - $1750. (more likely $1150).


  1. I already have a couple of lenses that will work with this camera; 50mm f/1.8 Lens & the kit lens of Nex-3N.
  2. Cheapest option.
  3. Small enough to take on vacations.


  1. Slow autofocus in low light due to Contrast Detection.

Sony a7 Full-Frame


Sony a7 Full-Frame: $1300 (Body only), $1600 (with 28-70mm lens, $500 lens).

Sony 24-70mm F4: $1200 - Online reviews indicate it is overpriced and marginally better than kit lens.

Total estimate cost: $1600 - $2500

Nikon D610


Nikon D610: $1500

Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4.0: $670 - I want top low light performance

Nikon 24-120mm f/4: $1300

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8: $1900

Total estimate cost: $2170 - $2800 - $3400

Nikon D750


Nikon D750: $2300 (body only), $3000 (with 24-120mm f/4 lens)

Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4.0: $670 - I want top low light performance

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8: $1900

Total estimate: $3000 - $4200

I like the idea of mirrorless full-frame cameras but I have read that mirrorless camera have difficulty focusing in dark.

UPDATE 1/12/15: Right now, I am leaning to D750 with either 24-70mm lens or 24-120mm. 24-120mm lens is cheaper and has VR, meaning better for movies. 24-70mm would be a perfect low light zoom lens but it lack VR. Movies would be shaky. I wish I could afford both lenses

UPDATE 8/29/15: Finally, I pulled the trigger and bought D750 with 24-70mm lens. Really happy with it.

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