This is a blog about mostly parenting.

On December 26th, 2017, we became parents. I was mostly sleep deprieved and confused. Very happy and scared. But I decided to blog about parenting cause now I know everything. Just joking, I have no idea what I am doing. Don’t really take my advice.


I do read a lot and spend hours researching stuff online. Back in old days (4 montsh ago), I would spend weeks researching cameras. Now I spend most of my free time researching baby bottles and diapers. So I might know a thing or two by now.

Chaosplay is a name I choose for my video game studio about 20 years ago. It now represents the chaos & fun that is raising a baby.

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Quick note on Affiliate Links. These special links to various products will earn commision if someone buys that product using my affiliate links. I don’t recommend anything for sole purpose of earning commision. As a minimalist, I hate encouraging consumerism. But I don’t feel bad when I recommend high quality product that I will probably use myself.